H2O Youth Club

Monroe Water’s Education and Outreach team is always looking for new ways to reach our customers and their families. The goal of our H2O Youth Club is to educate children about what makes Monroe Water desirable! We teach kids about the Monroe Water treatment and distribution process, along with the importance of a healthy Bayou Desiard, our source of drinking water.

We also demonstrate the value of having safe, great-tasting, and refreshing water at our disposal. Our speakers are equipped with water-related activities such as Career Bingo, Jeopardy, and Trivia to make the learning experience fun and interactive.

Monroe Water’s expert staff can create customized indoor or outdoor presentations for audiences 5 years old and up throughout our vast service area.

To schedule a presentation from one of our phenomenal career experts, complete the request form or call Tamala Bailey at 216-664-2444  x75332


Download the H2O Activity Booklet
Download the Monroe Water Trivia game questions and answers

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