Drinking Water Week

We welcome you to join us in early May of each year to celebrate Drinking Water Week with free tours and family-friendly activities at one of our Water Treatment Plants. The Open House event, usually held on a Monday, provides a fun and educational opportunity to learn how water gets from Bayou Desiard to your home.

Throughout the year we offer tours of each of our four water treatment plants for interested groups of eight or more. Please check our Speakers Bureau webpage for full details and how to schedule a tour.

Monroe Water participates in the Partnership for Safe Water, administered by the American Water Works Association and focused on improving the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operations. As a participant, Monroe Water voluntarily holds itself to higher water quality standards than those required by regulation.

Drinking Water Week recognizes these efforts and offers opportunities for customers of all ages to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and meet the people who work hard each day to ensure safe, quality drinking water is there for you wherever and whenever you need it.

At the beginning of each year, a Drinking Water Week registration page is available to sign up for a tour during our Open House. Be sure to check back and sign up for your tour.

Here are some highlights from this years events:

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