Enables customers to view and understand their water usages

EyeOnWater® is the City of Monroe’s water customer engagement platform that goes beyond our traditional monthly statements in connecting you the valued customers like never before.

EyeOnWater® enables users to view and understand their usage profile through easy-to-understand consumption graphs and provides a simple method to establish alerts to better manage water usages.


  • Hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly data and charts
  • Week-over-week consumption comparisons
  • Configurable leak alerts by email or SMS text


  • Gives our customers direct access to their water consumption data allowing customers to easily view, understand and manage their water usage.
  • Improve customer service and reduced calls to the utility.
  • Promotes Water Conservation

Available access through Web-based consumer portal, Android and iOS mobile apps


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Monroe’s Smart Water Meters

It takes us several days to complete the setup process with Badger / Beacon and until the cellular endpoint has reported several days of readings, there is not much to see anyway.

No! Your online account only shows what is reported by your water meter, and not any others. Town staff can see usage for any meter, but are obligated to respect everybody’s privacy, as they do today.

The default is “today”. If your meter sent in readings any time before or just after midnight, there won’t be any readings for today. Even if it sent readings at 2:30 AM, that would only be two hours to show. Click the left arrow to the left of “Today” to go back a day, and you should see all or most of a day’s readings.

Rather than having all the endpoints report at the same time (say, 1 AM), each endpoint has its own preferred reporting time (e.g. 10:47 PM, 2:18 AM, etc.). If it can’t get through, it tries six hours then twelve hours later. The result is that you can see meter readings only up to the last time your endpoint reported. You can see the time your meter is set to report on your online account webpage. In the lower left corner, it shows when your meter last reported (“Meter Read”) and its next schedule time (“Next Update”).

No. The cellular endpoints operate independently of your cell service. The endpoints we’re installing use the cellular technology called CDMA, which is used by Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. AT&T and T-Mobile use what is called GSM; we may try some GSM endpoints if we have problems with the CDMA ones.

Yes. The new high resolution encoder and cellular endpoint report the meter reading in units of 0.01 of a gallon. So, even a leak as small as one cup per hour gets reported. While this amount is not enough to make a noticeable difference in your water bill, it could be a serious problem if a leak is inside a wall or under a slab. To see a leak of this size, you will need to set a very low alert threshold. You may wish to download the data from your online account to have on hand for investigative purposes.

Possibly; our experience has shown as a meter ages, it tends to under report, particularly with a low flow so your bill could increase if your previous meter was under reporting your actual usage. You will be billed for the actual water used. At the same time your bill could decrease if your existing meter is sending out readings in excess of your usage. The new metering system ensures fairness and equality for all customers by measuring and billing residents and businesses accurately.

For further questions or concerns, please feel free to call Water Distribution at (318) 329-2385. Additionally, you may contact Utility Billing at (318) 329-2220.

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